Project 1: The Mouse Brain Library Project 2: Internet Microscopy (iScope) Project 3: Neurocartographer and Segmentation of the MBL Project 4: The Neurogenetics Tool Box


















Principal Investigator/Program Director Williams,Robert W.

  Aim 1: iScope Microscope Design and Construction.

We will assemble four new video microscopes over this five-year grant. Funds for equipment amount to less than the cost of a single commercial confocal system, and like our Phase I prototype, all of the resources we produce will be open without restriction or delay to the neuroscience community for beta testing and active research. We will be constructing microscopes for two different experimental purposes. Two microscopes will be optimized for uninterrupted and automatic acquisition of through-focus image stacks (optical sections). These stacks will be saved short video clips (40 to 60 frames) that will become a permanent part of the MBL collection (see Aim 4). Second, we will construct two microscopes based on inverted microscope stands that will be ideal for real-time streaming video. These microscopes will be interfaced with QuickTime4 streaming video servers as well as the robotic slide handlers described in Aim 2. Using this system of hardware and software, investigators will be able to roam through the collection, perform real-time analysis and comparison of regions that have not been prerecorded, and verify the position and the source of images in the MBL. At least one of these two microscopes will always be available for on-line streaming video delivery (Aim 2).

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  Aim 2. Robotic Slide-Handling System.