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Principal Investigator/Program Director Williams,Robert W.

  Light Microscopes on the Internet.

Over the past two years, a number of groups have begun to experiment with motorized light microscopes on the Internet for collaborative projects and to market microscopes. The current implementation of the iScope does not differ greatly from several of these efforts, and when possible we hope to collaborate and learn from these other projects.

1. Leica Microsystems Imaging Solutions Ltd. (Cambridge, England) has had a motorized Leica RXA transmitted light microscope online for at least 18 months at <>. This is a true Internet microscope available to anyone.
2. The Microsystems Technology Laboratory at MIT has assembled a system for collaborative inspection of semiconductor wafers over the Internet. Their microscope, which been in operation since 1996, is part of a collaboration between Stanford, MIT, and several other institutions. The web site at <> includes publications and figures that describe the design and interface of the microscope. This system is available only to registered users.
3. The Corporation for National Research Initiatives (Reston, VA) has undertaken a project similar to our own. They give unrestricted access to a light microscope and have also made Java code available for use by other groups interested in Internet microscopy at <
-MICROSCOPE.html>. This effort also focuses on collaborative wafer inspection.
4. A group in Germany has a particularly successful Internet microscope implementation at <>. Most of the major features of a transmitted light microscope can be controlled. Their interface is similar to that of the iScope.
5. Manchester University Materials Science Center has assembled a series of digital micrographs similar to the MBL, but with emphasis on metallurgical specimens. The image database, with controls that allow a user to manipulate the images, is at <>.


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