Project 1: The Mouse Brain Library Project 2: Internet Microscopy (iScope) Project 3: Neurocartographer and Segmentation of the MBL Project 4: The Neurogenetics Tool Box
















Principal Investigator/Program Director Williams, Robert W.


Aim 2. Generate a Relational Database for the MBL.

Our current image file archive is functional, but much more needs to be done to improve the underlying database architecture of the MBL collection. The MBL structure is not suitable for the various types of image comparison, manipulation, and analysis we intend to add over the next five years. We therefore aim to revamp the entire structure of the MBL to allow us to incorporate improvements, and to better integrate the MBL with the three other projects in this application. Substantial architectural changes in the MBL are essential to allow the collection to expand from the current 2 gigabytes of images up to a terabyte of images and through-focus series that we plan to acquire.





Aim 3. Enhance The Interface