Project 1: The Mouse Brain Library Project 2: Internet Microscopy (iScope) Project 3: Neurocartographer and Segmentation of the MBL Project 4: The Neurogenetics Tool Box


















Principal Investigator/Program Director Williams,Robert W.

  Future directions.

By the end of Year 03, the iscope will be a means for creating large digital references collections of blocks of neuronal or other tissue captured at high magnification. We intend to test and refine image processing methods that will automatically perform optical segmentation of neuronal somata. Applied to the digitized reference collections, the segmentation process will produce what are essentially digital representations of cell packing and conformation. Applied to differentially stained material, we should be able to generate libraries representing the cellular architecture of different parts of the mouse CNS. This work has clear application to the human brain project. We recognize, as well, that a fully featured implementation of iScope could have value to laboratories wishing to obtain digital reference collections of their own material.

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