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 FileMaker Pro Mouse Genome Databases

You will need a copy of FileMaker Pro 3.0 or higher to use the .FMP files. When you first open these FileMaker Pro databases, you may be greeted with the message "This file was not closed proplerly. FileMaker is now performing a consistency check," but this is not a problem. You will need MacBinary or Stuffit Expander to decode the .BIN files (MacBinary encoding).

  • FullDictFMP.sit (4.8 MB): The Portable Dictionary of the Mouse Genome. This large FileMaker database has been compressed with StuffIt. The Dictionary of the Mouse Genome contains data from the 1997-98 chromsome committeee reports and a recent MIT Whitehead SSLP databases (Release 15). The Dictionary contains information for 21,039 loci. You will need Stuffit Expander or a comparable decompression utility to expand this file. Updated March 19, 1998.

  • MITDB.FMP.bin (3 MB): A database of MIT microsatellite loci in the mouse. Use this FileMaker Pro 3.0 database with OurPrimersDB below. MITDB is a subset of the Portable Dictionary of the Mouse Genome. Updated March 19, 1998.

  • OurPrimersDB.FMP.bin (150 KB): A small database of primers. Download this database if you are using numerous MIT primers to map genes in mice. This database should be used in combination with the MITDB as one part of a relational database. Updated March 19, 1998.

  • Format of FileMaker Dictionary (230 KB). This is an empty, but formatted, file into which you can import the text version of the dictionary. Updated March 19, 1998.



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