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Quantitative Neurogenetics & QTL Mapping

Genetics of Myopia

Control of Neuron Number and Stereology

Growth Cones and Dying Axons

Retina Development and Visual System Mutants

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This is an annotated list of papers, reviews, grants, and abstracts by R. W. Williams and colleagues.

List of Contents
Quantitative Neurogenetics & QTL Mapping
An example of a hippocampus used for gene mapping. This dissection is from the left hemisphere. Five cross-sections illustrate internal structure. For more details on this work and information on QTLs that control hippocampal size and structure, see the article Genetic Control of Neuron Number below.

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Genetics of Myopia
The Eye1 locus. Linkage between variation in eye weight and proximal Chr 5. The x-axis represents the entire genetic length of Chr 5—from the proximal end (left) near marker D5Mit346 to the distal end of the chromosome at approximately 60 cM (far right). The y-axis represents the strength of linkage assessed using the likelihood ratio statistic (LRS) computed at 1 cM intervals using an interval mapping procedure without any adjustment for secondary QTLs using data for the 26 BXD strains.

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Control of Neuron Number and Stereology
Two theoretical curves that illustrate the expected number of sg/sg genotype Purkinje cells (PC) in sg/sg by +/+ chimeras, assuming two different modes of gene action (see Herrup & Mullen 1981 for the assumptions and calculations on which these curves are based).

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Growth Cones and Dying Axons
This monster took the better part of three years to complete. The web edition has been updated with new figures (including color-tinted electron micrographs). If you would like to see high-resolution images of growth cones and dying axons, this is a great source. The paper was published in The Journal of Comparative Neurology in 1986 by R. W. Williams, Michael Bastiani, Barry Lia, and Leo Chalupa. We show that about 80% of all retinal ganglion cells die early in development in domestic cats. The paper has a fairly long discussion on the developmental significance (and insignificance) of neuron death.

List of Contents
Retinal Developmental and Visual System Mutants
The distribution of retinal ganglion cells in the cat's retina. Colors are used to indicate cell packing density. The area centralis (dark blue region) contains as many as 8,600 cells/mm2. Cell densities are particularly high along the hroizontal axes from the temporal periphery (right) to the nasal periphery (left). If you select the image you may view an enlarged version with overlaid cell counts per 0.058 µm2 (multiply by 17.24 to obtain cell densities per mm2).

List of Contents
Grant Applications
The full text of a 1995 NSF grant submission that outlines our research objectives and methods. The focus is on mapping quantitative trait loci that affect CNS development.
The full text of a project now funded by the Human Brain Project to continue the development of the Informatics Center for Mouse Neurogenetics (funding from 2000 to 2004).

List of Contents
A 1990 U.S. Patent
A patent for a system to accurately count numbers of cells or particles in a section or sample of tissue.

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Most Recent Abstracts

  2000 Williams RW, Lu L, Airey DC, Kulkarni K, Manly KF, Zhou G, Threadgill DW (2000) RIX mapping: A demonstration using CXB RIX hybrids to map QTLs modulating eye size in mice. Int Mouse Genome Conf 14: XX.
  2000 Williams RW, Lu L, Airey DC, Kulkarni K, Manly KF, Zhou G, Threadgill DW (2000) RIX mapping: A demonstration using CXB RIX hybrids to map QTLs modulating eye size in mice. Rosen GD, Williams AG, Capra JA, Connolly MT, Cruz B, Lu L, Airey DC, Kulkarni K, Williams RW (2000) The Mouse Brain Library @ Int Mouse Genome Conf 14: XX
  2001 Lu L, Airey DC, Williams RW (2001) Genetic architecture of the mouse hippocampus: Identification of gene loci with regional effects. 31st Annual Neuroscience meeting:XX


Short Course Tutorial
Neuroscience Meets Quantitative Genetics: Using Morphometric Data to Map Genes that Modulate CNS Architecture
Updated August 2000 with new figures and text on RIX mapping.

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