Project 1: The Mouse Brain Library Project 2: Internet Microscopy (iScope) Project 3: Neurocartographer and Segmentation of the MBL Project 4: The Neurogenetics Tool Box


















Principal Investigator/Program Director Williams,Robert W.


AIM 3: Segmentation of the MBL and extraction of quantitative traits

Implicit fiducialguided spline alignment

Automatic extraction of fiducials may fail. The fallback position is manual delineation. From the experiment described above (see the feasibility assesment section above), we will establish the number of fiducials required to achieve adequate alignment accuracy. Assuming all 100 are needed, it would take approximately 2.5 years to generate and align 1200 MBL brains. The desired positional accuracy of 36 mm (3.6 x the resolution of the atlas) might be unattainable even with all 100 fiducials. If that is the case, the MBL will be segmented as best as can be achieved, and finer accuracy will demand manual adjustment of the anatomical templates on a case-by-case basis.

  While we are aware that the positional exactness sought is ambitious, we believe that given the homogeneity of the MBL, the algorithm will support this degree of accuracy on most brains. The quality control test embedded in the procedure will flag those brains in which performance is poorer. For those we will manually refine the segmentation using NeuroTerrain.