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Quantitative Neurogenetics & QTL Mapping

Genetics of Myopia

Control of Neuron Number and Stereology

Growth Cones and Dying Axons

Retina Development and Visual System Mutants

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Supplemental information: (text/plain) 20Kb (text/plain) 19Kb
     PhenoPerm.R (Application/octet-stream) 1Kb (text/plain) 3Kb (text/plain) 8Kb
     CombiningMaps_Files.txt (text/plain) 1Kb
     NewBXD_BodyWt_Coat.tar (Application/x-gzip) 10Kb

     JaxHipp.tar (Application/x-gzip) 45Kb Can be found here
     AILHipp.tar (Application/x-gzip) 68Kb Can be found here

Neurogenetics at University of Tennessee Health Science Center

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